Indonesian jihadists in Syria

On Friday I had a post published on ASPI‘s blog The Strategist about Indonesians fighting in Syria. You can read it here.

It was partly prompted by this Timothy Holman post on jihadist foreign fighters, where he points out the need for greater efforts to break down the different factors behind the impact of foreign fighter mobilisations on domestic political violence (as opposed to simply saying “lots of fighters could mean lots of plots”) and for more research on non-Western examples.

For more about Indonesians fighting in Syria, see this report by the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict which was released on Thursday. It’s a great report, particularly the sections on how Indonesian jihadists perceive the Arab Spring and the role of apocalyptic literature. The New York Times has some coverage of it here.

I also recommend this two-part Jakarta Post profile of Indonesian terrorism researcher Solahudin and his very interesting life, here and here.

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