Australians charged under Joint Counter-Terrorism Team operations since 2013

Operation Kirtling (New South Wales)
No charges

Operation Rathlin (New South Wales)
Hamdi Alqudsi: foreign incursions offences found guilty
Amin Iman Mohamed: foreign incursions offences found guilty

Operation Appleby (New South Wales)
Omarjan Azari: terrorism offences (funding) pleaded guilty, terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare)
Ali Al-Talebi: terrorism offences (funding) found guilty
Unnamed 24-year old: weapons offences pleaded guilty
Unnamed: drug offences pleaded guilty
Unnamed: weapons offences pleaded guilty
Mohammad Ali Barylei: arrest warrant issued
Unnamed 15-year old: terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare)
Ibrahim Ghazzawy: terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare)
Suleyman Khalid: terrorism offence (possession of documents) and later another terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare)
Maywand Osman: terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare) now dropped
Jibril Almaouie: weapons offences and later a terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare)
Ahmed Saiyer Naizmand: terrorism offence (control order breach)
Farhad Said: terrorism offence (preparation)

Operation Bolton (Queensland)
Agim Kruezi: terrorism offences (preparation), foreign incursions offences
Omar Succerieh: terrorism offences (funding) now dropped, foreign incursions offences pleaded guilty
Unnamed 32-year old: proceeds of crime offences now dropped

Operation Duntulm (New South Wales)
Fatima Elomar: foreign incursions offences pleaded guilty
Omar Ammouche: weapons offences pleaded guilty
Wissam Haddad: weapons offences pleaded guilty

Operation Hohensalzburg (Victoria)
Hassan el Sabsabi: terrorism offences (funding) now dropped, foreign incursions offences pleaded guilty

Operation Castrum (New South Wales)
Mohammad Kiad: terrorism offences (preparation) pleaded guilty
Omar Al-Kutobi: terrorism offences (preparation) pleaded guilty

Operation Rising (Victoria)
Sevdet Ramdan Besim: terrorism offences (conspiracy to prepare) pleaded guilty
Harun Causevic: terrorism offences (conspiracy to prepare) now dropped, weapons offences pleaded guilty
Unnamed 18-year old: weapons offences pleaded guilty

Operation Amberd (Victoria)
Unnamed 17-year old: terrorism offence (preparation) pleaded guilty

Another JCTT Operation (Victoria)
Adam Brookman: foreign incursions offence, terrorism offence (providing support)

Another JCTT Operation (Victoria)
Jamie Williams: foreign incursions offence now dropped

Strike Force Peqin / Fellows  (New South Wales, Curtis Cheng murder investigation)
Talal Alameddine: weapons offence, terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare, and membership)
Raban Alou: terrorism offence (aid, abet, counsel and procure) pleaded guilty, terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare, and membership) now dropped, firearms offence now dropped
Mustafa Dirani:  organised crime offence (participate in a criminal group), terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare, and membership)
Milad Atai: terrorism offence (funding), terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare, and membership)
Unnamed 16-year old: terrorism offence (funding)
Massod Zakaria: firearms offences

Operation Chillon (New South Wales)
Alo-Bridget Namoa: terrorism offences (possessing documents and collecting a thing),  questioning offence (failing to answer Crime Commission questions) pleaded guilty, terrorism offences (preparation)
Sameh Bayda: terrorism offence (collecting documents), terrorism offences (preparation)

Operation Vianden (New South Wales)
Unnamed 16-year old: terrorism offence (preparation)

Operation Middleham (Victoria)
Musa Cerantonio: foreign incursions offence
Shayden Thorne: foreign incursions offence
Kadir Kaya: foreign incursions offence
Antonio Grenata: foreign incursions offence
Paul Dacre: foreign incursions offence
Murat Kaya: foreign incursions offence

Operation Sanandres (New South Wales)
Tamim Kaja: terrorism offence (preparation)

Operation Himeji (New South Wales)
Unnamed 17-year old: terrorism offence (preparation) now dropped, telecommunications offence

Another JCTT operation (New South Wales)
Renas Lelikan: terrorism offence (membership)

Operation Fortaleza (Victoria)
Phillip Galea: terrorism offences (documents and preparation)

Operation Tressider (New South Wales, Minto stabbing)
Ihsas Khan: terrorism offence (committing act), attempted murder

Operation Broughton (New South Wales)
Bourhan Hraichie: terrorism offences (preparation, making and delivering a document)

Operation Restormel (New South Wales)
Unnamed 16-year old: terrorism offences (preparation and membership)
Unnamed 16-year old: terrorism offences (preparation and membership)

Another JCCT operation (New South Wales)
Mehmet Biber: foreign incursions offence
Unnamed 17-year old: foreign incursions offences
Muhammad Abdul-Karim Musleh: foreign incursions offences
Amin Elmir: foreign incursions offence

Another JCTT operation (South Australia)
Unnamed 50-year old: terrorism offences (advocating)

Operation Kastelhem (Victoria)
Abdullah Chaarani: terrorism offence (preparation)
Hamza Abbas: terrorism offence (preparation)
Ahmed Mohamad: terrorism offence (preparation)
Ibrahim Abbas: terrorism offence (preparation)

Operation Marksburg (New South Wales)
Haisem Zahab: foreign incursions offences

Another JCTT operation (South Australia)
Unnamed 22-year old: terrorism offence (membership)

Operation Tematin (Victoria, Brighton siege investigation)
Kane John Dalrymple: firearms offences and others
Unnamed 25-year old: firearms offences and others
Unnamed 47-year old: firearms offences and others
Unnamed 36-year old: firearms offences

Another JCTT operation (New South Wales)
Moudasser Taleb: foreign incursions offences

Operation Rosenborg (New South Wales)
Unnamed 18-year old: firearms and drug offences
Unnamed 18-year old: firearms and drug offences

Operation Silves (New South Wales)
Khaled Khayat: terrorism offences (preparation)
Mahmoud Khayat: terrorism offences (preparation)
Khaled Merhi: weapons offence


If I’ve written “unnamed”, this means that:

  1. There has been a suppression order on naming them.
  2. I’m guessing there might be a suppression order and playing it safe.
  3. Their charges are relatively minor and their names had not been widely splashed throughout the media, so I’ve chosen not to name them because I don’t want to increase the likelihood of “terrorism” appearing when their names are googled. They might simply be trying to get on with their lives.


Update 1: On 14 September 2015 I added that Hassan el Sabsabi’s terrorism charges were dropped. He has pleaded guilty to the foreign incursions charges.

Update 2: On 12 October 2015 I added Wissam Haddad to Operation Duntulm.

Update 3: On 11 December 2015 I added the five new Operation Appleby charges, the three Curtis Cheng related charges, and deleted something from the Operation Appleby bit just in case it could be at odds with a suppression order.

Not being a journalist, I don’t get sent the suppression orders. But if I google a fact that was once widely-reported, and find that the fact is no longer mentioned on any Aus news websites, I assume that a suppression order must have been put in place. Here’s an article on how strange suppression orders can be in the internet age.

Update 4: On 22 March 2016 I added the information for the Ahmed Saiyer Naizmand, Alo-Bridget Namoa, Sameh Bayda and Operation Peqin, added the ages of some of the unnamed, and updated information on verdicts. I plan to double-check some of the Operation Appleby information on guilty pleas later, I’m concerned there might be a couple of errors.

Update 5: Added Operation Vianden on 25 April 2016.

Update 6: Added information for Operation Middleham, another JCTT operation, and updated the Curtis Cheng related information, on 17 May 2016. There are several different operations involved in the Curtis Cheng related arrests, so I’m not sure if I’ve grouped them correctly.

Update 7: Added Farhad Said and Murat Kaya on 30 May 2016.

Update 8: Added “Unnamed 17-year old” on 20 June 2016. Also, a lot of these links have gone dead because the AFP have updated their website. I’ve replaced about a third of them so, using the Wayback Machine.

Update 9: Added that Osman’s terror charges were dropped, and that Besim pleaded guilty, on 30 June 20-16. Also I haven’t replaced most of the broken AFP links yet.

Update 10: Added Renas Lelikan’s charge, and updated the outcomes for Hamdi Alqudsi, Mohammad Kiad and Omar Al-Kutobi, on 28 July 2016.

Update 11: Added the Galea one on 9 August 2016. Annoyingly the press releases don’t announce the names of the JCCT operations as much anymore.

Update 12: Added Ihsas Khan and Bourhan Hraichie on 15 September 2016. Also, about two thirds of the links are fixed now. I suggest everyone uses the Wayback Machine when linking to a government website, otherwise the links go dead all the time.

Update 13: On 14 October 2016 I added the two unnamed 16-year olds charged the day before, added that Namoa had pleaded guilty to the questioning offence, and added the operation names for Sanandres, Himeji and Fortaleza.

Update 14: Updated the information for the Omar Succeriah (terrorism charge dropped, pleaded guilty to incursions) on 24 October 2016.

Update 15: Added the information for Mehmet Biber and his co-accused on 3 November 2016.

Update 16: Added Muhammad Abdul-Karim Musleh, and also changed one “Another JCTT Operation” to Operation Broughton, on 28 November 2016. Also lots of the hyperlinks are still messed up.

Update 17: Added Jamie Williams, Massod Zakaria, Amin Elmir, the unnamed “advocating terrorism” man, the Operation Kastelhom charges, and that Al-Talebi was found guilty, on 26 December 2016.

Update 18: Added the preparatory terrorism offences for Operation Chillon (and updated the operation name) on 8 February 2017.

Update 19: Added Haisem Zahab on 5 March 2017.

Update 20: Added Kane John Dalrymple, the 22-year old South Australian, and Adam Brookman, on 10 June 2017. Also added that Azari pleaded guilty to his funding offences, and the States for each operation.

Update 21: Added the 25-year old, charged as part of the Brighton investigation, on 12 June 2017.

Update 22: Added the third Brighton arrest and Moudasser Taleb on 15 June 2017.

Update 23: Added the fourth Brighton arrest, and updated the information on Raban Alou, on 18 June 2017.

Update 24: Added Operation Rosenborg on 1 July 2017.

Update 25: Added Khaled Mahmoud Khayat and Mahmoud Khayat on 4 August 2017, and will update the Operation Appleby info soon, as six more people have pleaded guilty.

Update 26: Added the operation names for Tressider, Restormel, Tematin, and Silves on 17 October 2017.